Posted: March 11, 2012 in Rappers

Notorious BIG was one of my favorite rappers. When something is coined as my favorite, I like to “fact-find”. So for more than 15-20 years, I have searched for pics and interviews that featured the mother of his first child, Jan. There were limited details available in regard to Biggie’s life “pre-bad boy records” (before he became famous). We were well aware that he had a daughter (Tyanna) as he often made reference to her in his songs.I’d seen 1 or 2 baby pics of Tyanna She was 3 years old when he passed. After filming for Biggie’s movie wrapped I began to see more of Tyanna. She began to fraternize with her dad’s friends and fans (via Twitter and Facebook) However, any inquires made regarding Jan(Tyanna’s mother) would yield the same results.

1- Jan was older than Biggie
2- His mom, Voletta introduced them
3- She was his daughter’s mother
4- She was a Registered Nurse (unconfirmed)

So as I surfed the web today, imagine my surprise when I discovered that Hot 97 posted videos of an interview with his ex Jan and his 18 year old daughter, Tyanna. They both answered questions about their memories of BIG, relationships with Lil Kim and Faith.n Jan seems to be strong willed and intelligent. Tyanna is a humble teen and loves being independent. Peep the videos.


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