Oprah Interviews Whitney’s Family

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Oprah, Whitney Houston

I was basically counting down the days that Oprah’s interview with Bobbi Kris and family would debut. I wanted to gain insight on their thought process during the days after Whitney’s passing. It seems as though Oprah (literally) ran into Bobbi Kris as she (Bobbi Kris) entered the room . I was surprised that the majority of the questions that Oprah posed to Bobbi Kris, led to discussions regarding spirits and visits from loved ones that have passed on. During the interview, Bobbi Kris remained poised and came across as a well spoken teen.

Oprah dug a little deeper when she spoke to Whitney’s brother (Gary) and his wife Patricia (Whitney’s manager). Patricia didn’t seem genuine. My opinion isn’t based on one statement or incident but more-so, her overall demeanor.Gary seemed reserved. He didn’t have much to say; Nor was he asked many questions. I have been called a “bad judge of character” , but I am almost willing to bet that Gary is a recovering addict himself. I wont discuss the interview in its entirety as there are several people who still haven’t watched it.Oprah's Interview. If you have seen the interview or if you just have something to say post your comment below.


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