Look Who Sold Whitney’s Death Pic to the Enquirer

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Death, Whitney Houston

After the Enquirer unveiled their magazine cover shot of Whitney Houston as she lay in her casket, the director of the Wigham’s Funeral Home insisted that they knew who was responsible for taking the photo and encouraged the family to reveal the name of the culprit to the public. The Houston family never released a statement acknowledging that they were aware of the identity of the secret photo-hog. The family’s refusal to admit that they were well aware of who took the picture, led to further speculation that employees from the funeral home were guilty of betraying the Houston family. The funeral home director says that her business came under siege. They received threats from the public and during funeral services for another family, an attendee spat on her.

The Wigham Funeral Home named Raffles Van Exel as the photographer and seller of Whitney Houston’s last photo. The so called “friend” to Whitney, was the only non-family member allowed to travel with the family via private plane. Van Exel was accompanied by his own bodyguard. People that are familiar with Van Exel considered the fact that he would arm himself with a bodyguard, unusual. While in New Jersey Raffles rode in Pat Houston’s (Whitney’s sister in law/manager/ executor of her will) car to Whitney’s memorial, 2 viewings and her funeral. Many people insist that Pat acted as an accomplice. An employee at the funeral home actually spotted Van Exel as he snapped the pics. Once they were published, the director shared the information with the family, but they refuse to address it publicly.

According to Forbes.com Van Exel is known by many aliases. Raffles Benson and Raffles Dawson are 2 of many names that Raffles has used. Van Exel is said to have a shady past. In 2005 he allegedly stole money from R and B singer George Benson and then began posing as one of Benson’s sons. Raffles was served a cease and desist letter that demanded that he no longer use Benson’s last name and to cease posing as Benson’s offspring. Once Van Exel realized that he’d been exposed, he vanished. So the fact that he has refused to return phone calls or respond to emails, its believed that he will perform the same disappearing act until he feels that its safe to resurface. Unfortunately, there’s no law that would lead to an arrest as a result of him selling the photo. Being morally bankrupt and heartless is not a crime. R.I.P. Whitney Houston

  1. Kelly says:

    whoa! I wonder why her family is afraid to confront him. Some kind of friend he was!

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