Posted: March 26, 2012 in Death, News, Trayvon Martin

I’m pinching myself because I would love to wake up and realize that this unjustifiable murder of an unarmed, innocent black teen is a  nightmare.Sanford’s law enforcement definitely dropped the ball, when they dismissed this execution as self defense. This incident has  set our country back 50 years. When I initially heard about the incident, I thought it occurred the day before I read the story. When it actually took place last month. If  the city of Mayberry Sanford had taken  the appropriate action, this story would have probably never attracted  national attention. This injustice has caused the African American community to convene , non violently in search of justice  . Here’s a brief timeline of the events as they’ve unfolded.

Brief Backstory

After spending quality with their children, Tracy Martin (Trayvon’s Dad) and Brandi Greene (Tracy’s fiancee’)decided to go out to dinner ,  leaving their boys (Brandi Greene has a son from a previous relationship). at Brandi’s home, a townhouse located in a nice subdivision in Sanford, Fl.

Trayvon was in Sanford visiting his dad. Miami Gardens was Trayvon’s home. He lived there with his mom, Sybrina Fulton.

When Tracy and Brandi departed, their boys were watching an All Star basketball game. Travon decided to walk to a nearby convenient store where he purchased Skittles for his  future stepbrother and a sweet tea for himself.  Trayvon never returned to Brandi’s home.

FEB 26

Police respond to a call at 1231 Twin Trees Lane in Sanford, Florida. Upon arrival  they find 17 year old Trayvon Martin dead.  During a press conference, the public is informed that there was an altercation between two males and that shots were fired. George Zimmerman (the killer) was referred to as “a suspect” but his name was never mentioned.

FEB 27

Police publicly identifies Trayvon as the deceased and Zimmerman as the “shooter”

FEB 29

The police announce that  Zimmerman was serving as  ” neighborhood watchman” when the execution occurred.  Police state that Trayvon was in town visiting friends and family.


Tracy Martin holds a press conference calling for Zimmerman’s arrest for the murder of his son.


New Black Panther Party members  congregate outside the police station in Sanford.They gather there hoping that their presence will increase pressure on the department and lead Zimmerman’s arrest. The departments refusal to pursue Zimmerman as a suspect has been referred to as ” a miscarriage of justice”.


Police completed their investigation and  referred the case to the State Attorney’s office for review.


Approximately 400 people, including  several influential and civil rights leaders, gathered at the Allen Chapel AME Church in Sanford calling for justice to be served. Mary Cutcher  surfaces and tells local news crews that the police only took a short statement from her and have continually ignored her calls. Cutcher insists “I know this was not self defense”.


Cutcher made an appearance on nationwide television. Her appearance on CNN resulted in the Sanford police department issuing a statement advising that Cutcher’s account of the incident was “inconsistent”. The killers father reportedly told the Orlando Sentinel that Zimmerman is not racist and that he didn’t confront or follow Trayvon.

March 16

Attorney’s for the Martin family held another press conference reiterating their demand for an arrest. They accused Sanford’s police of withholding information and trying to intimidate witnesses by discrediting their stories.

After pressure and demands from the public the Sanford police release the 911 calls from  the night of the shooting. During the call the killer admits following Trayvon and the dispatcher is heard advising the suspect that he should not follow him. Another call reveals screaming in the background prior to  the shooting. Witnesses say that it was Trayvon begging for his life, while Zimmerman’s supporters (and the Sanford Police) insist that it was Zimmerman calling for help.


Hundreds gathered in Titusville rally in support of Trayvon once again calling for the arrest of Travon’s killer. The crowd rallies to gain the attention of State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, who oversees Seminole and Brevard counties.


The Seminole County Sheriff’s office releases additional 911 calls made by Zimmerman. After realizing that Zimmerman has made more than 40 calls to the police department since 2001, the media began to refer to him as a serial 911 caller Several calls are released Most of the calls referenced “suspicious looking characters, that he identifies as black males” and most of the calls are false alarms. In addition to learning about the habitual 911 calling habits, its also revealed that Zimmerman’s gun was only discharged once. The new information contradicted prior claims that suggested that Zimmerman fired a warning shot prior to killing Trayvon.


Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend tells  ABC News that she was talking to the teen when told her “some man was watching him.” Later, she said she heard what sounded like Zimmerman pushing Trayvon.

The NCAAP rallied in Sanford, calling for Sanford Police Chief, Bill Lee J.r. to be fired.

At a rally in Sanford, the NAACP calls for the firing of Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. The rally was followed by a march to the Sanford Police Department.

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger’s office announced that a grand jury will   a Seminole Co, about 12 hours after the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it will review the case for any possible civil rights violations.

Rep. Corrine Brown and Sanford city leaders meet with U.S. Department of Justice representatives.


A Sentinel investigation reveals new details about Zimmerman’s past, including money problems and issues involving domestic violence in a previous relationship.

That night, the Sanford City Commission votes “no confidence” in embattled police Chief Lee.

To Date: There have been several rallies through-out the country that have attracted thousands of supporters seeking justice for this unarmed teen. The police chief has volunteered to temporarily step down and a special no-nonsense prosecutor, Angela Corey has been assigned to oversee the investigation.





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