Zimmerman Makes First Court Appearance

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Death, News, Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman made his first court appearance looking drastically different than he did on Feb 26th, 2012. During the hearing Zimmerman advised the judge that….

George Zimmerman made his first appearance in court today.  Court papers filed by the prosecutors addresses the 17 year old’s unarmed teen’s fatal shooting  The court filed documents allege that the neighborhood watch volunteer followed Trayvon Martin and confronted him, after being warned that he should await the arrival of The Sanford Police Department instead of following him as he stated that he was doing during a 911 call that he made in regard to Martin “being up to something”.

The court filed documents also state that Maritn’s mother, Sybrena Fulton identified her son as the source of those blood curdling screams that can be heard in the background during a 911 call made by a witness.

People expected  Zimmerman would be granted a bond during this initial appearance. Its highly likely that he will receive a bond but (since he turned himself in), with a charge of 2nd degree murder charge there’s also a possibility that he could be ordered to be held without bond.

During the video conferenced appearance in a Seminole County court, Zimmerman made his plea to the judge. This was not an arraignment, as this is not the city where the killing occurred. Therefore, there was no need for the defendant to enter a plea.

Zimmerman is set to be arraigned during a  court hearing  scheduled for May 29th.


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