Real Housewives Reunion Talk ATL

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Cynthia Baily, Kandi Burres, Kim Zolciak, Ne Ne Leakes, Real Houswives of Atlanta, Reality TV, Sheree Whitfield

Just a few thoughts that danced in my head while I watched Real Housewives , Post your thoughts or chat below!! NO LOG IN REQUIRED

Kim could vouch for Kandi’s wealth because she owes Kandi over 200k and Kandi charged it to the game!!

Kroy channels  Opie Griffin with his comb over!!

When if Kim and Kroy divorce, Andy will be the first in line for the bussy!

Every time someone mentions redickulous or vajayjay, Kandi smiles! Then again if I was already a millionaire and getting paid for “happiness and joy”, I guess I would be too. :))))

Peter and Cynthia will soon be forced to fake it, because they will be to afraid to admit that they aren’t a match made in hell after trying to convince everyone otherwise!

Marlo isnt an official housewife but baby she is serving up some supermodel fabulosity REALNESS! Her hair and that dress is BEAT BABY..

post your comments and chat below.


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