An Interview with Brandy Green- Tracy Martins Fiance VIDEO- LINK FIXED

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Death, News, Trayvon Martin
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Brandy Green and her 14 year old son are interviewed . Brandy’s son Chad talks about Trayvon’s thoughtful ways and the Skittles that he purchased for him on  the day that he was killed. Many people confuse Brandy (Tracy Martin’s fiance) with Alicia Martin (Tracy’s Ex Wife). It was Brandy’s neighborhood where Trayvon was killed (VIDEO BELOW)

I’ve  searched endlessly to obtain more information on Trayvon’s life and the people that were closest to him. We’ve seen Trayvon’s mom (Sybrenia Fulton) and dad (Tracy Martin) on just about every news show there is. They usually discuss the pain of losing their teenage son as a result of racial profiling and their fight for justice. I continue to pray for their families . However, I  was interested in what other family members and friends had to say about the passing of  the 17 year old.  Brandy Green is Trayvon’s father’s fiance. It was Brandy’s house that Trayvon was visiting and en route to when he was pursued by Zimmerman.




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