Whitney Houston’s Family New Reality Show

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Bobbi Kris, Cissy Houston, Houston Family Chronicles, Pat Houston, Reality Show, Whitney Houston

Bobbi Kris, Cissy, Pat (umm hmm!) and her husband Gary Houston have all agreed to appear on a reality show and they have decided to make it a family affair.

The Houston’s have inked a deal with Lifetime executives to appear in a docu series that will be called “The Houston Family Chronicles”.

Pat Houston (Whitney’s sister in law and manager who admits that Whitney called her continually the night before and on the day that she died but Pat admits to being pissed at Whitney and refused to answer) is the executor of Whitney’s Estate.

Rayah (Pat and Gary Houston’s daughter)

Gary Houston (Whitney’s formerly drug addicted brother)

Bobbi Kristina (Whitney’s daughter with ex hubby  Bobby Brown)

Cissy Houston (Whitney’s Grammy Award Winning Mom)

The show show will follow Pat and Gary as they care for Bobbi Kris (I thought she was grown) and they will enlist the help of Whitney’s “inner circle” Dionne Warwick and gospel singer Ce Ce Winans.
Pat will try and guide her own daughter in to adulthood while also trying to steer Bobbi Kris in the right direction.

Lifetime has ordered 10 one-hour long episodes of the show. According to Pat the show was in the works prior to Whitney’s death. ( INSERT SIDE_EYE) lol

Let us not forget that it was also Pat that informed us that Whitney was scheduled to record an infomercial for her scented candles (INSERT EYE_ROLL AND TEETH SUCKING HERE)

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Whitney Houston’s Family Agrees To Family Reality Show Will you watch the show?  Comment Below


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