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This Monopoly ipad app suggestion from a fellow blogger is a great recommendation.



Link: Monopoly

Monopoly has gone mobile! There have been many diverse reviews regarding this game. For us iPad 1&2 users, the recent update has left us with mixed feelings. The former size of this game was less than 100 megabytes. For the retina feature on the iPad 3 this game was updated and is now a whomping 256. Or so the description says. The actual size of this app is a gargantuan 936 megabytes(almost a gig), and the thing is…for us iPad 1&2 users there’s no real change. And Although the “updated” graphics aren’t really noticeable, a game like monopoly isn’t meant to have appealing graphics anyway. And your’e bombarded with ads on your first opening(common with EA games). And if a game takes up 1/16 of my iPad space, it isn’t worth having. The new image of the game has been optimized for the iPad 3 but like…

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