Tami Roman’s Dude

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Audio, Basketball Wives, Entertainment, Interview, Reality TV, Tami Roman, Tamis Boyfriend, VH1

Tami often talks about her dude that she has been with for over four years. She admits that she doesn’t make it a point to put him on public display but, she doesn’t go out of her way to hide him either. Meet Tami’s Haitian beau when you click below.

 Jerry Lamothe right? Who is an incredibly talented filmmaker and I think you all worked together on your film, “The Tombs.” How is that going and any plans to get remarried? You trying to pop anymore babies out? Want to join the baby club again? So far so good. Knock on wood. We’ve just been hanging in there. We decided that we want to be in a committed relationship with each other and because we love each other. We’re raising three daughters between the two of us and that’s important for us to present a strong foundation and a strong family unit for them. So we don’t want to be the type of people that have significant others coming in and out of our kids lives and once we decided to be committed to each other, that’s what it’s been and going strong for about four years now. Babies, I don’t think. I would have another baby for him because I’m so in love with him so I would have another baby but he doesn’t want to have anymore children and marriage, you know we both have been there and done that and, we have that ring, we have that wedding, we have that piece of paper and those things were the most tumultuous relationships that we have been in so now we’re just making a commitment to each other on another level-spiritually, emotionally and physically- that we can just stand behind and stand solid on. We really don’t need the paper. SOURCE: EGYPTSAIDSO



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