Pat Houston Demanded to Accept Award On Whitney’s Behalf

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Billboard Awards, Bobbi Kris, Entertainment, Hater, Houston, Houston Family Chronicles, Pat Houston, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s nemesis, also known as her sister in law , Pat Houston was willing to go toe to toe with Bobbi Kris, in order to accept Whitney’s Billboard Music Award.

TMZ is reporting that Pat tried to force herself into the spotlight (again) and basically pissed the show’s producers off.

The producers were reportedly angry and felt that it made more since for the late singer’s, only child , to accept the award and speak on her mother’s behalf. Pat managed to work her way onstage and be seen by millions when she joined Bobbi Kris on stage and even said a few words prior to turning over the mic to Bobbi Kris.

Pat Houston is allegedly trying to create publicity for the family’s upcoming reality show.
I keep telling yall there’s something shady about this chick!

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