Pat Houston Ordered That Ray J Be Seated Elsewhere at The Billboard Awards

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Billboard Awards, Bobbi Kris, Entertainment, He FORGOT, Pat Houston, Ray j, RIP, She FORGOT, Whitney Houston
Ray J came close to being dragged  from his seat at The Billboard Music Awards, when he decided to take an available set near the Houston family.According to TMZ Pat considers Ray J a bad influence and was pissed at the fact that he was seated any where near them. She ordered security to make Ray J move. 

After the singer refused to meet Pat’s demands, her security team (I know right?) contacted hotel security and a few uniformed officers that were prepared to physically remove Ray J from the seat.
Before taking physical action, security warned  Pat that the entire encounter would be caught on tape and could possibly ruin a moment that was satisfy to honor the late singer. It took a moment but the Pat decided not to proceed with her original demand.

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