The Reality Star’s lace-up booties feature sky-high 6.25″ heels are Giuseppe Zanotti Mesh Platform Booties go for $1095 and her handbag $2,980 Céline Croc Stamped Luggage Tote.            Fashion Source

Linnethia “Very Rich B-tch” Leakes appeared as a guest on TWWS live in NYC on 5/23. During Seasons 1 and 2 of RHOA, I think its safe to say that Ne Ne wouldn’t have know a Loubatin or Hermes bag if someone hit her in the face with one. As a matter of fact she had been known to shop for clothing at Target and wasn’t afraid to admit it.

Fast forward  2 seasons and its seems as though the former Mrs. Leakes has transformed completely.While her closet has been upgraded, her attitude has taken a dive. Either way she makes no apologies for her cockiness, expensive clothes or success. In the video below, Ne Ne discusses

She and John never dated (which I suspected that they never did and that all of that flauging and gift giving was part of the story line and the gifts were probably courtesy of Bravo TV.

Her son Bret is home schooled and spends the majority of his time in LA with her while she pursues new acting gigs as well on working on roles that she’s already nabbed.

Claimed that as far as she knows, Kenya Moore is not part of the new cast. She says that Bravo hasn’t made an announcement and that she hasn’t run into Kenya during any of their tapings. (I’m quite sure Kenya is an official part of the cast, but Ne Ne’s contract probably prohibits her from revealing or confirming Bravo’s official business, before the network announces it themselves.)

After the interview, Ne Ne gave Wendy a gift in honor of her 500th Show Celebration. All I have to say is, you can tell when a B–tch starts making some change (dollar dollar bills yall). She gifted Wendy with a designer handbag that costs nearly 3 stacks (thats 3000 dollars for my hip hop challenged individuals!)  YOU GO NE NE LEAKES!


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