Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Official Cast

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Kmichelle, MiMI Faust, Rasheeda, Rasheedas Husband

After all of the hype from the original Love and Hip Hop NY, Mona Scott Young feels that a new franchise of the show may be equally if not more successful. The newest installment of the reality show will be based in Atlanta and after many months of speculation, accepting offers and then declining  them , the new cast has been named.


Rasheeda is married to her manager. Kirk Frost. They have an 11 year old son together and Frost has an older child from a previous relationship. Kirk’s daughter recently became a teen parent, making Rasheeda and husband Kirk grandpa and young, hip step-grandma.

Rasheeda (R) and hubby-manager Kirk, (L) with their grandson.

I must say that I am a bit biased. As, I Love Love Love Rasheeda, Kandi Burres bestie that has been trying to get her music out there for what seems like FOREVER. She’s been in the business for 14 years and is well known in Georgia, but that’s not necessarily the case in the other 49 states. I’m hoping this show will help her gain even more exposure and success. She seems like a sweetie pie!


Trinidadian R and B singer, Karlie Redd.


Mi Mi Faust and producer, Stevie J. have been dating for awhile. The couple has had their issues with his infidelity and other common issues that couples generally face. Most recently Stevie J was caught cheating with Joseline Hernandez (a Latina Rapper). The show follows Mi Mi as she ponders leaving or staying in her relationship, filled with dishonesty.


Joseline Hernandez is pursuing a career as a Latina rapper ready to break into the Atlanta music scene. Stevie J is her manager and for a minute he also served as her undercover lover, until his girlfriend, Mi Mi Faust (who also costars on the show) uncovered his infidelities.  Hernandez is a former stripper but she is eager to become a serious rapper.


Lil Scrappy is a rapper based out of Atlanta, Ga. He was discovered by Lil John while he performed in a bar. In addition to being one of the first acts signed to Lil Johns’ record label, BME , he was also signed to G-Unit (50 cents record label). He’s donned himself the “Prince of the South”. 
Even more popular than his music was his relationship with Diamond (former member of The Crime Mobb an ATL based rap group.)

Scrappy and Diamond called it quits in 2011 and Diamond began dating Soulja Boy. It appears as though Scrappy’s mom, Momma D (a former hustler), took the break  up worse than her son did. Scrappy’s ex was slated to appear on the show but word has it that once she learned that Momma D threatened to beat her down.She declined the offer to participate in the show.  Honey Scrappy or his momma couldn’t have kept me from my coins ( I would have been on set, with a reliable box cutter in hand).

Turns out that Momma D may have been the least of Diamonds issues as, Scrappy’s new boo, Erica Dixon will also co star on the show.


After a recent break up with Diamond,


K Michelle is an R and B singer and aside from Lil Scrappy,probably the next most recognizable name joining the L and HH ATL cast. She recently revealed details about her abusive relationship with Memphitz,.


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