Terrence and Rocsi Leaving 106 and Park VIDEO

Posted: May 31, 2012 in 106 and Park, BET, Leaving 106 and Park, Rocsi, Terrence J

After 7 years on 106 and Park, Terrence and Rocsi have announced that they will sever ties with the show soon.

Two of BET’s brightest stars are moving on to new adventures.

Terrence J and Rocsi, the popular hosts of 106 & Park for the past seven years, will be leaving the show.

Stephen G. Hill, President of Music Programming & Specials for BET Networks, confirms the news in a statement:

MTV REPORTS THAT “Today, after seven exciting years, 106 & Park hosts Terrence J and Rocsi announced that they will be leaving the show. It is no secret that there are a number of opportunities coming their way and we’re fortunate that they’ve been with 106 & Park for so long. They will be staying on the show for a while, so that we can have a ‘victory lap’ — a celebration of their years at the helm of 106 & Park — before their departure. Terrence J and Rocsi are destined for great success and we at BET Networks will always take pride in being their original homeand be a place where I hope they’ll always feel welcome.”

Terrence and Rocsi made an emotional announcement on today’s 106 & Park, sharing stories from their years on the show. “The first day I cracked the mic on 106, I was staying on a cot in a basement,” Terrence said, while Rocsi added, “Until the moment we leave, we pledge to bring you young Black culture. It continues to be our honor to do this for you.”

The co-hosts recalled memorable events they covered over the years, including the Haiti earthquake, the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and the inauguration of the nation’s first Black president.

“We are humbled at the opportunity to be a part of your lives,” Terrence summed up, before promising that “we have a huge farewell show coming for you guys. We’re going to be leaving with a bang.”

While neither have elaborated on future plans, both likely have plenty of opportunities in Hollywood. Terrence recently starred in the smash hit comedy Think Like a Man, while Rocsi holds supporting roles in Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation and the upcoming drama Soul Ties.


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