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The infamous Rodney King was found dead this morning in Rialto, CA. Continue to read below.


Weeks ago it was reported that Yvette Wilson who played the loveable and funny character, Andell Wilkerson on The Parkers and Moesha had been diagnosed with cancer. We’re sad to hear that the talented 48 Years Old actress succumbed to the deadly disease on yesterday June 14, 2012. More details and throwback video when you continue reading…



So why are they chilling in a Florida area jail? According to WFTV Joseph Geiger, Robert Falk and Steven Nero spent nearly $15,000 in just one month living in Mickey’s backyard. Thats just an estimate for one month. Continue reading for details..

JUNE 1, 2012   ORANGE COUNTY — Investigators said three men outsmarted Walt Disney World security and took lavish, free vacations inside the parks for nearly four years.

Officials said Joseph Geiger, Robert Falk and Steven Nero allegedly racked up more than $15,000 in charges in just one month and never paid for any of them.

Deputies said Geiger and Falk had turned themselves in and confessed, while Nero is still at large.
Investigators found that the men would book hotel rooms with one credit card and then put down a second, pre-paid debit card with only a $1 or $2 on it to cover any charges to the room. They would then go out in the parks, bill everything to the room and take off before the charges caught up and employees found out.

Officials said this was all done through a loophole in the park’s reservation system.
The crime left many of visitors in disbelief.
“It’s a shame,” tourist Jessica Jackson said. “It’s a shame that somebody would do something like that.” 

Others could not believe the men were not caught.
“It’s just strange that somebody can go on and on and do that and never be caught,” said tourist Jason Crane.Last month, a cigar shop worker notified authorities after seeing the men spend hundreds of dollars there at a time.Investigators said they received a call from security at Disney, which led to the arrest.  WFTV 


Another sneak peek of Basketball Wives Miami Season 4 Reunion Part 1. Shaunie explains how tough it is to maintain friendships and relationships while your life is on display. Tami says that they
put forth an effort to help Jen and Eve mend their relationship, but neither were interested in making amends. Peep the video below. Shaunie and Tami are so phoney. No one will step to Shaunie because she signs their paychecks. The more they cut up, the more viewers they gain, which means more money in her pocket. Honestly,if they do agree to cut down on the violence will they maintain viewers?

After a hearing held before a Sanford, Florida judge, George Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked. He is ordered to turn himself in within 48 hours. Angela Corey requested that the bond be revoked after realizing that his wife lied and Zimmerman sat back and allowed his attorney to make certain representation on his behalf that he knew was untrue. Zimmerman had a 2nd passport in his possession and intercepted phone calls revealed that he and his wife spoke in code and discussed ways to intentionally mislead the judge and prosecution. He and his wife discussed monies that they raised but had no intention to make the courts aware of their true financial status.