Posted: July 15, 2012 in Basketball Wives, bully, HAM, Weight Loss
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Filming for Basketball Wives LA Season 2 has begun. From what we hear, all of the originals are returning with the exception of Kimsha and Tanya. ALthough Jackie Christie was the first co star to sign a contract for season 2, their maybe trouble in paradise, as the other cast members are refusing to tape with Looney Tune aka Jackie. They have also added one new BBW. She is Brooke Bailey  MORE DETAILS ON THE NEW CASTMATE  AND PICS BELOW


Brooke is the newest cast mate to join BBWLA. You may remember her as the producer for Entertainment TV’s Candy Girls. It was a docu-drama that featured the lives of “video models”. It didnt make it past the 1st season. As a matter of fact I may have been  the only person who ever watched it! lol

So taping for Season 2 of Basketball Wives LA has begun. I remember reading that when VH1 pitched the offer for season 2, Jackie “Crazy” Christie was the only “wife” to confirm that she would return to the show for a 2nd season. How ironic was that? Especially after she was outcasted by the other members of her group. BOTTOM LINE she was on my nerves during the 1st season. So after all of that I’m hearing that she may be replaced, because the other girl hate her conniving ways and refuse to work with her. If thats true, I assume that theres a hunt out for a new Wicked Witch!!

LAURA GOVAN IS A HOT ASS MESS in that bikini. I’m hoping that she doesn’t assume that anyone in that picture cares about her (not even her sister Gloria). Because someone would have told her to take that off! Thats a HOTT MESS!! If you remember Laura Govan earlier this year Laura revealed her new nose and bikini body post surgery. After 4 children, that doctor should have tucked her tummy tighter  I gave her props during her initial reveal, but she needs to realize that just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean its for YOU!   ugh



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