I Guess MiMi Faust Has a Reason to Act Hard???

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Atlanta, Mi Mi Faust, MiMI Faust, Reality Show, Reality TV
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When I watch VH1’s new soap opera or any interview that Mi MI Faust has done, I get aggravated because I can’t stand to see a chick that doesn’t appear  to be hard (try to be). So all of that punching herself in the hand when she  talks and s–t gets on my damn nerves. Anyways, while I was researching I came across her mugshot from 2009 for battery. So according to her charges she may have gotten in someone’s as- but from the look of the picture, they dug in hers too.  I’m just saying… More info when you continue reading

The only additional information that the mugshot offers is MiMi’s real name and her bond amount. Her gov’ment name is Oluremi Fela Faust.  

  1. CoCo says:

    I like Mimi. Maybe she slammed by the po po after whipping somebody up. I hope not over Steebie.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mimi doesn’t give a damn about nobody and even herself. poor soul

  3. Anonymous says:

    ? nobody noticed the sex says male ?????

  4. Syri CALI Skotia says:

    Her real name is unique, how is it pronounced? Oluremi Fela kinda has a Muslim/Islamic sound…

  5. tawanna says:

    I wasn’t really into reality shows but I’m liking love and hip hop and I’m nosiey lol

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