New Music Booty Pop by 6 Years Old Miami Rapper

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Rapper, Video
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6 Years Old Albert Roundtree Jr. released his first single earlier this month, it’s entitled Booty Pop. Although I’m sure that someone close to Lil Albert is using him to live out their childhood dream, he appears to be holding his own. In the video he’s surrounded by several booty poppin’ females in bikinis. After several hundreds of people viewed the video and made derogatory comments regarding the child’s antics , youtube implemented age verification. After some commenter threatened to call Child Protective Services the original poster removed the video.

IMO, as long as he is not being forced to do it, then its ok. However, had the roles been reversed in this situation there would have been immediate uproar about older boys or men surrounding a little girl and it would have been deemed unacceptable NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


  1. celebamnesia says:

    The girls in the video appear to be teens. Maybe I would have to first like the song to give a damn about the video.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Smdh this is so sad and I am happy that they removed the video.

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