Katherine Jackson Implies that she was TAKEN AGAINST HER WILL

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Katherine Jackson, Kids, The Jacksons
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Last month Paris “mighty-mouth” Jackson  tweeted messages to inform the world that their Grandmother was missing. Randy and a few of his siblings disputed Paris’ claim and stated that their mom was on vacation, via Dr’s orders, after she experienced an episode of mini strokes and other ailments. Shortly there after, a pic surfaced on the net of  Katherine,  Rebbie and a few other people at a resort in Arizona. The group held UNO cards, in attempt to make “yall” think that they were enjoying a game of UNO.—

Katherine returned home about 8 days “after the disarray.

Paris continually posted play by play reports about their family business. In one she called her Uncle Randy a liar.

TMZ posted a video which showed Janet and Paris in a rift as Janet attempted to take Paris’ phone

Click Here to See Paris vs Janet Video

The police were called to Katherine’s home after someone called in regard to a fight at the home.  Tito’s son TJ reportedly struck Jermaine and held Randy in a headlock. It was also reported that Janet slapped Paris’ and Paris slapped her back. (The Janet vs Paris’ fight story was later retracted but I believe it) During the scuffle Janet called Paris a “spoiled b*tch”. Paris replied “This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!””

Tito removed his name from the claim that led to the family dispute. Maybe because he knew that  his son filed paperwork to become temporary custodian of  MJs adopted children.  TJ was granted temporary guardianship  TJ is 34 years old, married, with 3 children and once dated Kim Kardashian. Prior to his  court victory TJ posted a public tweet directed to the children


Upon Katherine’s return she held a mini press conference to advise “you guys” that her children would never hold her against her will nor would they harm her. She basically called an indication that she’d been kidnapped absurd.

Fast forward to today: Katherine has agreed to share custody with TJ. She and the children attended “The Jackson Brothers Reunion Tour” (SIGH)

The executors over MJ’s estate have banned Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine and Randy from the grounds and from the home that Katherine shares with her 3 grandchildren.


A) Katherine suffers from CELEBAMNESIA

B)She  made her comments during her mini press-conference  under duress

C)She fears losing the money that she receives as a result of providing care for Michael’s children.

As if that wasn’t bad enough Katherine made statements today claiming that she was conned into going to the Arizona resort. Her initial plan was to attend a concert in Mexico. She never made it there and further more she states that upon her arrival, she was stripped of er cell phone, IPad , had no access to a television and the phone lines in her room were disconnected.

I would blame the contradiction to her original story on her age;  But crazy runs in their family……  SO although she is in her 80s I think she usually comes across as the family’s voice of reason.

After a court earing Katherine regained custody of the children; But she was ordered to share custody, with er grandson, TJ.

Its been said that the LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL. Jackson’s siblings were left out of the pop star’s will. MJ left everything to his children and his mother. Jackson’s mom and the children receive $70 thousand dollars a month and  the 2 court appointed attorneys that a judge assigned as executors  of  Micheal ‘s estate, will receive 10% of the entire estate. These attorneys were fired by Michael prior to his death but they were still court appointed as executors.  MJ’s estate is valued at between a half billion and 1 billion dollars. More money than he had access to, prior to his demise.

His siblings state that Michael was out of town on the date that the will was supposedly signed and that it was impossible that he could have been 2 places at the same time. IDK WTH they are talking about, he was Micheal Jackson and any man that can change from black to white, can also be in 2 places at once.

Simply stated: If Katherine proceeds her children in death, they will be ass out. Katherine probably helps her children “now” but MJ’s money will go solely to the Jackson 3 . Long gone are the days that the children dressed like they were enroute to the Mardi Gras and didn’t know what a computer was.

Fck the masks all I would need is masking tape for that girl’s mouth/fingers.  She wants to be a star so bad!! Sit down and finish living in Micheal’s shadow for right now….. and those are my nice thoughts

If they really want to put a restraint on Paris’ smart ass mouth , they should give Joe temporary custody or re-hire their old nanny, Grace.

Michael is probably rolling over and moon walking watching how out of control these children are.


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