Toya Responds to Kmichelle Video Interview

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Abuse, Interview, Interview. Video, Kmichelle, Memphitz
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  Toya Responds to Kmichelle’s abuse claims during an interview with Talking to Tami . Video and transcript when you continue reading,

Toya said,

“I’m glad you brought that up because she(K-Michelle) went on the Breakfast Club radio show running her mouth and talking about me and my husband! I want her to keep my name out of her mouth!”
Chile…chit got real! She then went on to say, “hell a lot of people abused her! Where is the proof that my husband beat on her? Where is the police reports that my husband threatened her son? I need some proof! “If anyone knows my husband they have nice things to say about him, says Toya. Even his ex-girlfriends never came forward to say he was abusive!”

The producer of Love & Hip Hop ATL, Mona Scott asked Memphitz to come on the reunion show to defend himself with the accusations on what K-Michelle said about him, but they turned it down. Toya said, “K-Michelle needs to find her own story line and stop trying to stay relevant by gaining ratings from us”. “You know she is bonafide schizophrenic too! She doesn’t even have custody of her son”. Ok, I’m on the ground!
Toya said,up till this point, she has NEVER said anything about K-Michelle but she is getting sick and tired of her bringing up her name and wants her to focus on her music career. Toya said she is a talented singer and she needs to promote that on the show and not make it about her relationship.  PEEP THE VIDEO BELOW

Check out the video!

Toya Responds to Kmichelle


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