Posted: August 12, 2012 in Bad Girls
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Bad Girls Club Mexico is on hiatus until August 20. BGC addicts have no reason to fret,keep reading if you want information (SPOILERS) on upcoming episodes. Like who will be sent home next, future fights and replacements. If you want the inside info before it airs, click below.

Rima gets beat up by Erika

Erika is replaced by Drea

Christina is sent home after beating the brakes off Rima.

Zuly replaces Christina

Meghan fights Rima and Falen (whew talk about 2 faces Falen)

Mehgan leaves after an altercation with Julie. Mehgan is said
to have been pulled down the stairs and then she(Mehgan) goes home

Natasha Smoot replaces Mehgan

Julie allegedly becomes romantically involved with Zuly

?Drea beats Ashley and is sent packing?

The remaining girls go on vacation to Atlanta ( I know, wth is a vacation in ATL after Mexico)


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