Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Finale Sneak Peek

Posted: August 19, 2012 in LIL SCRAPPY, Love and Hip Hop, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek, MiMI Faust, MOMMA D, Rasheeda, Reality Show, Reality TV, VH1

Scrappy visits Erica and makes it a point to let us know that Erica has  a “new house”. So I guess its safe to assume that she no longer receives social services or renewed her Section 8 certificate.

Erica calls Shay a Slut Bucket.

Stevie J walks into counseling wearing a shirt that says “I AM GOD” ummmm OK  to  somebody, I guess. Maybe he meant Dog! I’m sure it was worn to generate some sort of controversy or conversation regarding the show. With all of the other bullcrap going on (on the show) that wasn’t necessary.

Joseline says Stebbie slept with her best friend in her bed with Jose’s approval.

Question: Wasn’t Joseline’s best friend the dude that she cried to prior to her abortion? JUST CHECKKIN HUNNY

Karlie Redd and Roscoe Dash (of all people) discuss making music and relationships while on  a date.  GO FIGURE

Anyways, peep the sneak peek of the finale’ below.

Click here to watch Sneak Peek Love & Hip Hop Atlanta



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