Jennifer Hudson’s Interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter Video

Posted: September 13, 2012 in OWN, Video
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Jennifer Hudson sits down with Oprah and chats about her childhood dream of one day becoming a star, her impending nuptials and her family’s murder . David aka Punk (Jennifer’s fiance’ )and Julia ( J Huds sister) also sit down with the talk show host.  Continue reading to watch the interview in its entirety.

I’ve considered Jennifer Hudson a talented singer but a bit out of touch with reality. She seemed to have no personality at a;; and when she tried to FAKE IT, it really drove me south. However, I must say that she seems to have matured a lot and not that she was unlikeable before, I just would have chosen to watch paint dry as opposed to seeing her fake her way through an interview. Now if she could pass a dose of whatever she has taken onto Jordan Sparks because she’s another one that tries too hard and its SO EVIDENT. Either way, this interview was good but could have been a little better. Also I’m willing to bet that she and David will not be getting married because he looks like one of them that would refuse to sign a RENUMP<– IN MY MADEA’S VOICE . If they do get married then she should go ahead and draw up the alimony paperwork now 😦


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