Memphitz Has Me SMH Claims That He Dated Ariane of Love and Hip Hop aka Mimi’s BFF

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Real Housewives of Atlanta, Reality TV
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1st you deny Ike Turnering Kraymichelle

Then you threaten to sue Mona Scott, VH1 and Kraymichelle because you felt as though your character was defamed (It diminished for me while you and Toya were dating and you threatened the little boy at(  Reginae’s elementary school)

You tweeted that your ex is Pinocchio and that she should “thank you “for buying her her teeth, ass and breast

You denied Mona’s offer to appear on LHHATL to tell your version of the truth. Which I can ‘t blame you for that one.. WTH you look like boosting her ratings when at that point she already had damn near 4 million viewers per episode.

Why did Charlamagne run into you at  a gay club that he sand his friends had no idea and left after they realized where they were (ok Whatever)

Then to try and make KrayMichelle look crazier( as if thats possible), you admitted that you dated Ariane  which is Kraymichelle and  Mi Mi’s best friend .

I liked you a little more after Toya’s show.Although I think you beat Kray and it was probably provoked  ,a Rhianna and Chris type situation; Stop airing your dirty laundry aka business,  Kray is diggin her own hole with her mouth!

and if yoUwant to admit to some other stuff like being at gay the club, knowing and intentionally  with the churren (the fam) then drop that tea! Otherwise let her SPEAK  HER  piece  peace and the people who believe her will while the others will base her credibility on what you say.. so try   NOT SAYING NOTHING sooo  let me guess you were at the gay  club as part if a pilot for some great new reality themed television show that you have created. CHILD BYE!  Raunchy Ass


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