Evidence Accidently Released in Trayvon Martin Case Death Pics and College Transctipts

Posted: September 29, 2012 in George Zimmerman, RIP, Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin
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Florida courts released documents related to 17 year, Trayvon Martin’s case. The teen who was murdered earlier this yea and were  inadvertently released. These documents included photo’s of the teen’s dead body and George Zimmerman’s college transcripts. The media had access to all of the documents that were released. However, the Judge immediately ordered that no posthumous pics of the teen be released and passed the same ruling on the release of Zimmerman’s transcript. The defense argued that the fact that Zimmerman partook in “Criminal Justice” and earned a “D” would lead some to assume that he has more knowledge of the legal system than the average Joe. More below + grainy death photo

HELL HIS DAD WAS A JUDGE AND HIS MOM WORKED FOR THE CLERK OF COURTS. I’m sure that “D” reflects minimal knowledge compared to what he learned directly from his dad and playing rental cop. As far as I am concerned this is just another screw up that will enable a mistrial , hung jury or force the case to be thrown out all together. It’s just as bad as Trayvon’s mother appearing on the Today Show and saying that she didn’t believe that Zimmerman shot her son on purpose . She retracted her story later that day but only those who caught the retraction (later that day on another channel) were at liberty to listen to Sybrenia as she TRIED to explain what she meant to say.. A real attorney would’ve’/should’ve been there to intervene. Their attorney was next to them but I said A REAL LAWYER!



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