Rick Ross and Jeezy Fight over Maybachs and Fried Chicken at the BET Awards

Posted: September 30, 2012 in 50 Cents, BET
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No, really I don’t know what it was about all I do know is that “we cant take yall no where!” If we can’t get along in ATL then we cant get along nowhere! DAYUMM . Sources have reported that Jeezy and Rick Ross exchanged words and pushed one another  (you know they WASFIXINTA fight) then security broke them up.

Later,  their own individual security teams went hard  in the paint (once they reached the parking lot) and Rozay’s security fired a few shots. Good thing neither of them were hurt because although I love both of their music, what would the world do without 2 more black men that we’ve seen cast their children aside put others before their needs. In so many words if not these exact words told the mother of their children to (Kiss Thei_ A–) when it came to financially supporting their children!

I think Rick Ross was the one to actually say that and after deeming it an all day task and realizing that he probably hadn’t washed it since the last time she kissed it, Tiallondria (his baby mama) chose not to.

So since the fighting over child support and neglecting their son’s financially was  “SO 5  years ago” t we should now consider them a Senior VP of A and R at Atlantic Records exchanging words with the Miami Cop turned hard-core rapper and founder of Maybach music, getting into a heated exchange backstage at the BET Awards.

They should be thanking the Lord this morning that no one was injured or killed when these 2 decided to go at it, putting a black eye on an event that goes the extra mile to try and keep it classy because the are already overly concerned about what other races thick of African Americans interaction amongst one another during ceremonious events, such as these! SMDH!

50 cents and Gunplay (the rapper) were also rumored to have fought backstage. Details have yet to be confirmed. However, 50 looked calm cool and collected as he exited the city and TMZ caught up with him immediately after landing in New York from Atlanta and the rapper states that the awards show “was a regular” awards show and that they gave out awards like they do at all award shows. ROLLS EYES!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a mess…

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