TI and Tiny Season 2 Episode 6 – Full Video Episode

Posted: October 2, 2012 in TI and Tiny, VH1, Video
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Tip and the family Harris are in Chicago again this week, this time so he can film on the show Boss. Oooh, it’s a show within a show.

But his kids aren’t really impressed by dad’s acting gig, especially Domani, who thinks acting is easy and there’s no way his dad is a better actor than Denzel Washington. This is the same kid that wants a jet for his birthday, so in my opinion, he better start throwing some compliments out before it’s too late.

Click here to wwatch TI and Tiny Family Hustle Full Episode 6

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  1. Coco 71 says:

    Wow. First at least he knows he has bad ass kids. And he also knows he hasn’t won any awards (he lad more Emmy awards than I have tennis shoes). I thought my voice was aggravating but Tiny has me beat by a country mile. But Major is my favorite of all, the kids. And Tip, is vertically challenged so Tiny, must be a midget for real

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