A bunch of hype has been made after Chad “Ocho Cinco HeadButtin dem Hoez’ Johnson was spotted with AJ Johnson and they are referring to her as the actress from Houseparty! from Everybody knows that’s “Jodie’s Mama from Babyboy”. They claim that she is 49 years old ( I know, she looks good as heck for 49, if that’s so). The last time I saw her was on a TV1 special and she talks about how she helps stars with their inner and outter fitness and health.

It didn’t look like she was living lavish but, I know enough to know that she spent a pretty penny on the house in the area in which she resides. I also know enough to know that Chad probably met up with her in an Iyanla Vanzant-ISH moment like Eve did with the actual Iyanla. In the video below TMZ asks if she and Chad are dating and she makes it a point to stress that they are only friends. THAT I DO BELIEVE. Also is she is 49 that’s a good 49!!! Keep up the good work Jodie’s mama from Babyboy!! LOL and Johnson is a common last name .. How we know dey aint cousins? IJS


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