Chad OchoCinco Seeks AJ Johnson As Life Coach and Takes a Twitter Vacation

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Basketball Wives, Chad Ochochinco Johnson, Cheaters, Cheating, Evelyn Lozado, Reality Show, Reality TV
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Just as I suspected after AJ Johnson and Chad were spotted lunching together and were assumed to be an item he clarified that he has sought her for life coaching and attempting to get his life on track.

Also after Evelyn has started Tweeting again (I guess Ms. Iyanla told her it was ok) Chad (with over 37 million Twitter followers) has decided to take a Twitter Vacay according to his Tweets

  1. mackyimainman says:

    when it comes down to someone famous. 2 people that know one another cant be in the same restaurant, store. hotel, etc or they automatically make you romantically involved. There are 2 reasons that TMZ should have never assumed that these 2 were dating
    1} because she is black and
    2}because she is\i black

    to keep it simple, chad likes the company of a non black woman with good hair. from what I understand, the chicks in school paid him no attention and his attitude and dating patterns soon changed. (you know like AFTER HE JOINED THE NFL) He got that big tattoo of hisEx Wife’s face face on his leg and when asked about it, he said (“that’s still my wife) then a few days later he got some sense and went and filed for a divorce well . Thank GOD for pre-nups. As for Evelyn, I think she realized that she could make more money rallying against domestic violence and doing her round on the talk shows circuit (and that she has) Oh yeah also with her books (LOL whatever) But i promise he is the typical black make. When life aint tight your kids will make it all right. Hopefully this wasn’t a ploy to win her back. If it didn’t work then “sorry charlie” oops I meant Chad. Charlie is probably someone else that Evelyn is screwing, lol MY BAD! GOOD LUCK AND STAY PRAYED UP BUDDY!

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