Linda Hogan Arrested For DUI and a New Hulk Sex Tape Discovery

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Reality Show, Reality TV, Spit
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Who’s shocked? After noticing all that Hulk Hogan goes through to keep his blonde weave in tact and cover his bald spots, a sex tape doesn’t surprise me. He thinks he’s 26 instead of 76. Almost as bad as his ex wife that recently announced a split from her ex fiance that attended school with her children. At any rate, she was arrested for being a fraction over the legal drinking limit while operating a vehicle but her attorney says that it has nothing to do with Hulk’s sex tape, because she’s not shocked either.

  1. celebamnesia says:

    Linda claimed .that she was a victim of domestic abuse; but judging from this picture, she could have taken on Hulk Hogan.

    As for the
    Hulk Hogan sex tape I have a pocket full of f-cks and I don’t give one. Seems like it wouldn’t be long and a waste of my time. Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t referring to his body parts, I meant the video. I crack me up lol

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