Popular Reggae Dance Hall Singer of Milwaukee and Reported Lover Killed By Lover’s Ex (Pics)

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Death, Gone Too Soon
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The New York Post is reporting that a popular Reggae Dance hall singer was killed in a hail of bullets by his ( reported ) girlfriend’s ex, whom she
held a restraining ( a legal piece of paper) order against.

As the couple left The Holiday Motel in The Bronx the 38 year old woman, Tracy Bennet’s ex boyfriend fired a hail of bullets as 50 year
old Captain Barkley aka Wayne Hamilton and Tracy Bennett exited The Holiday Motel in The Bronx.

Witnesses say that the killer hid in the dark for hours waiting on the couple to exit their room. They heard screams and after Hamilton had been
shot dead. Witnesses described the 38 year old, Tracy Bennett standing next to her white Toyota Camry begging for her life before her ex,
shot her dead as well. Others say he chased her to the back of the motel where she begged for her life and he killed her. (Either is sad)

Guest at the motel reported seeing a tall black man with a brown shirt on running to his car and speeding away. They say that the car bared a New York license plate.

Police are searching for Bennett’s , 42 year old ex, Joseph Kernizan.

I have no idea of the state of his marriage The married Hamilton, 50, had flown to La Guardia that night from Milwaukee,
where he lived and performed under the name “Captain Barkey.’’

He went straight to Bronx nightclub Memories, where he joined up with Bennett.

Bennett drove him to the motel, friends said.

Hamilton’s friend and fellow musician Natchelous Denus, said the couple had been dating for about two years.


All I Know is if you have a restraining order it should come with a gun and I don’t want nobody LOVING ME TO DEATH!


    That nigga look like Shawty LO dang RIP

    • Coco 71 says:

      He does look like Shawty Lo and the killer looks like shawty no-neck. These niggas better follow JT Money’s advice ‘let it go if the hoe want to hoe nigga let it go.. ‘ And I’m not saying the deceased was a hoe. A restraining order ain’t doo doo unless you get to your gun first.

      • all I Gor 2 say is says:

        u aint never lied and shawty lo doo doo aint care bout gettin caught cause IT WENT DOWN YESTERDAY! HIM GONE TOO! the po po’s got him IN MY REGGAE DANCE HALL ACCENT oh and everyone says thats a popular hotel…. WHY?

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