Deceased Former NfL’r Steve Mcnair’s Bio Featured -PICS

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Death, NFL
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Steve Mcnair’s Unsavory Tragedy Made Into Movie

Last Wednesday, Mcnair’s Bio appeared on the NFL Network, “A Football Life”. By now we all know the ending, his wife was said to be taken by an extremely young woman that he’d been having an affair with. After murdering the former NFL’r his Lover took her own life. However, his bio ends with his family members reflection on how they’re still inspired by McNair. From what I’ve heard it’s well worth watching. If his family was able to sit down and discuss his inspiration and legacy then I assume that they have also settled the legal battles that they were in, fighting over the fortune that he left behind. The bio is available at a Walmart near you. IJS












McNair’s Estate is Closer to Settling

After McNair’s death,courtesy of his mistress ,his immediate family had been at odds over his assets and money; as, he failed to have his will updated after fathering 2 children with his wife (Mechelle) photoed above.

In death McNair’s estate equaled nearly  20 million dollars. According to reports many of his assets and money have been frozen. Part of the reason was an issue that 2 older son’s that he had prior to marrying Mechelle disagreed on what they felt they should receive. Mcnair’s took care of his mom. Lucille as well and she objected to the way that his estate was being handled. Due to the financial grievances within the family, Mechelle had to request permission from attorneys for lump sums of money for house repairs, debts and etc.

She recently asked that the courts release at lest 500 thousand dollars to each of his children in the form of a trust fund.  The legal team and family continue to work out the mess that was left behind. While the attorney’s are probably making more money “off of their money” then they will ever see.



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