Diddy Injured in Accident in Beverly Hills

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Bad Boy Records, Cassie, Diddy, Rappers, Reality Show, Reality TV, Sean combs
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Diddy was involved in a car accident yesterday in which he is said to have sustained several injuries. The accident occurred in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Diddy’s publicist states :

“Sean Combs sustained multiple injuries in yesterday’s car accident including to his neck, ribs and collarbone. He is currently receiving treatment for these injuries from his physicians and would like to thank all of his fans for the outpouring of support that he has received since the accident.”

Diddy’s SUV reportedly ran into a Lexus Sedan that turned right in front of Diddy’s vehicle. Although the mougul received several injuries parties from either vehicle were hospitalized. Lt. Hoshino told the dialy jews that everyone complained of pain but weren’t specific about location of their pain and did not wish to be transported to the hospital for further care.
Later that day, Diddy updated his Twitter status, it read:

Diddy and his driver occupied the SUV and the driver of the Lexus was the only person in the sedan. Accoording to the arrest report all parties wore seatbelts. ( I guess its just on reality tv that they don’t wear them). Like I have never understood why Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye’s documentary, states that she was wearing a seat belt, but the footage clearly shows that she wasn’t. May she RIP But if you notice, on 99% of reality shows seat belts aren;t worn. THE CHILDREN DONT EVEN WEAR THEM. I GUESS ACCIDENTS DONT HAPPEN ON REALITY TV??


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