10:25PM 3:53PM PDT October 25, 2012 According to Baton Rouge Police Department, Louisiana State football star Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger, was arrested on drug charges earlier today.

The report states that a call was made to the police around 3:30PM following a dispute. When the BRPD arrived, Badger answered the door and cops said they could smell marijuana.

Badger was accompanied by 3 former team mates. Jordan Jefferson (LSU’s 2011 star quarter back), Derrick Bryant and Karnell Hatcher.

All four men were arrested after a police search led to the discovery of 19 marijuana grinder, a digital scale and 10 bags of weed, Seven of the bags were inside Bryant’s backpack.

Badger and Jefferson were taken into custody for simple possession, Hatcher was charged with the same (but this is his 2nd offense) and Bryant was charged with Possession and the Intent to Distribute.

Badger, who was once a Heisman Trophy finalist was dismissed from the team earlier this year for failing multiple drug test… check back for updates!


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