Ne Ne Leakes co-star of NBC’s The New Normal and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, was photo’d on set in costume. The episode that will air on Tuesday at 9:30 EST has released a clip that shows Rocky (Ne Ne Leakes) dressed as Matt Lauer of The Today Show. Although, I have yet to catch an episode, I hear that the sit com is hilarious.
This episode which is titled “Para-New Normal Activity,” also includes Nicole Richie and George Takei as guests on the show. Rocky’s costume and interaction as the host of The Today Show, will some how mock “Here Comes Honey Boo” but, I guess you’ll have to tune in to know exactly how.

Watch an interview where NeNe discusses this particular episode


Click here to see a clip from the upcoming episode of The New Normal

Shouts out to Ne Ne for coming this far and holding her own. Further proof that if you want something bad enough and put your mind to ir, you can achieve it. Although, I don’t always agree with her logic or her actions, I admire her drive!


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