After the dud that BET referred to as Frankie and Neffe came to an end, the family’s fall out because the show was done without Keyshia’s blessing and the passing of Neff’se Stylist/Best Friend/Assistant  Dariel Pulliam, few of us have heard from or seen Neffe. In the interview below, Neffe explains her plans for her immediate future and some of the events that have taken place since we last heard from her. Click “Read the rest of this entry” to hear Neffe’s interview with Egypt and for more pics


(We watched Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh on reality TV’s “Frankie and Neffe” for over two years, but what has she been up to for the past two?

Has she buried the hatchet with her sisterKeyshia Cole?

Well, she stopped by On-Air With Egypt  today and said she has a new book coming out where she confesses that things fell apart for a while when all the cameras and people stopped coming around.

But she has found her way back to her center. And the book – “The Price I Paid” – is coming this fall.

Click here to listen Egypt’s interview with Neffe

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  2. […] Where’s Neffe – Keyshia Cole’s Sister […]

  3. tamikamonday says:

    I would love for keisha and neffe to do another show…..

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