Basketball Wives Miami Kenya Bell’s Divorce Settlement Details

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Basketball Wives, BBW, Cheaters, Cosmetic Surgery, Court, Reality Show, Reality TV, Stabbing

Remember Kenya Bell from Basketball Wives Miami last season? You may remember the divorce and custody battle that Kenya faced after stabbing her husband Charlie.

Earlier this year, Kenya’s ex-NBA player and now ex husband, fought tooth and nail to ensure that Kenya didn’t receive the large pay day that she sought after Charlie filed for divorce.

Although she appeared to be a looney tune on the show, from what I understand she always had Charlie’s back and held it down as a wife and mother. For right now, the former Miss Michigan who holds a degree in Engineering has the OPTION to return to work immediately or stay at home with her churrens!

The details of the couple’s divorce settlement were released on September 10th and it reveals that:

– The couple will share custody of their 2 children

– Even with shared custody, Charlie has been ordered to pay $1000 monthly to assist with the care of their children. Charlie originally requested child support from Kenya but the judge denied them both and suggested that the former couple could come to a reasonable solution.

Kenya has been granted

-$ 780,000 cash

-$335, 000 (more) from one of Charlie’s bank accounts

– 1/2 of her ex’s NBA 401k

-1/2 of Charlie’s retirement plan

-1/2 of his pension

– 1/2 of his NBA welfare plan and health benefits plan

– a home in Michigan

-and a home that they’d purchased for her parents

Charlie was able to retain a home that the family owned in Vegas and a home that was purchased for his parents.

Kenya seems as though she has the will to make her money work for her. I just hope that she doesn’t invest anymore in funding her music or her music videos.


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