Tami Roman Sheds Weight and Lands a New Gig AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Basketball Wives, BBW, Evelyn Lozado, Plastic Surgery, Reality Show, Reality TV, Surgery, Tami Roman, VH1, Weight Loss
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Earlier this year Tami experienced a medical scare. She suffered a mild heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, treated and released. Thank God that her condition wasn’t more serious and did nothing to cause her any physical or cognitive disabilities that would prohibit her for caring for her family  the way that she’s become accustomed to doing.

Usually when you suffer from an attack of that nature, the Dr’s first words of advice are to “eat healthy and exercise more”. Well, from the looks of things Ms. Roman has done just that. She said that her weight ballooned to 185 1bs after she decided to quit smoking. She went from depending on one coping

mechanism to another. Tammy is a tall girl, and in my advice could wear 185 well, while others who aren’t as vertically blessed would look like stuffed pigs at that weight.  Tami seems to care less about how others feel about her, so when she started to feel uncomfortable at that size she decided to do something about it. Tami lost weight and then when asked, would advise all that she did it with the use of NV pills and NV Sprinkles , an appetite suppressant that doesn’t call for a change in your diet, you just don’t eat as much because you feel full , faster…. and then the story goes….  NV, the maker of the pills and sprinkles some how received word that Tami used their products with a successful outcome and  offered her a contract as their lead spokesperson , accompanied by a six figure payday and her promise to keep  the weight off.

Tami looks as good as she did 20 years ago . I’m happy for her. The only request that I have is that she has someone spray her abs on better than what they did in the above pic, the next time she decides to pose that way. Its good to see a beautiful independent woman doing the damn thing.  I wonder if she was satisfied with her post op results from her nip and tuck on BBW.  If she wasn’t then I’m sure she’s proud of her most recent decision and outcome, to get in shape. Keep up the good work lady!!

  1. Coco 71 says:

    In that first picture she looks like she is about 5 months.

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