Basketball Wives LA cast member Jackie Christie is the wife of retired NBA baller, Doug Christie , mother of 3 children and grandmother of 2 grandchildren.  Since last season, you would have thought that the only children that she bore were the 2 from her current husband.  She rarely (if ever) discusses her older daughter or the 2 grands. Her daughter, Takari Lee gave several interviews , created a website and started writing a book titled, “My Mother’s Secret”. Takari discussed her mom’s favoritism toward her younger brother and sister, their strained relationship and basically revealed that her mom has no loyalty when it comes to family or friends. She’d been invited to d0 several interviews  but stopped discussing the beef after her maternal grandmother (that Takari says raised and accepted her while her mom chased guys) passed away. Takari’s chief complaint was an incudent that occurred and resulted in Jackie and Dough evicting her from one of their rental  properties.

Takari says that she feels that her mom should have had more consideration for her 2 children even if she didn’t care about her having a roof over her head. She also blamed her  mom for the fact that she lost all of her property (beds, kids toys. clothes etc) because her mom and step dad failed to help her.

I read many comments and claims that Takari made about her mom and as far as I was concerned, her proof was when Jackie failed to claim her or her children during last seasons show.

During all of her claims I had to ask myself Where In The Hell was her children’s dad (The dude that screwed her at least twice to get pregnant).

So it looks as though Jackie is attempting to secure her position on the show for  season 3 (if there will be one). Because she agreed to meet with her daughter on camera with a  therapist present. Her daughter appears to be pregnant AGAIN and her interviews or posts were always in written form (typed) but it appears as though she has a speech and/or hearing impediment. I detected it during this week’s sneak peek.  Peep the video below.

Click here for Jackie’s Family Therapy Sneak Peek Ep9


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