When the beef between Jackie Christie and her eldest daughter Takari Lee went viral.  Jackie stated that her daughter’s anger was due to the fact that she’s dark-skinned.

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In a 2011 interview with Bossip, Jackie Christie had this to say:

I know a lot dark-skinned girls that have major issues with their skin tone, and I feel unfortunate for them because I think it’s a beautiful color. Dark skin is gorgeous and beautiful. Me and my husband have talked about that before and we have a daughter [Chantel] that’s very light-skinned, very fair or pale-skinned, so in our family it kind of goes across the gamut and Doug has white in his family. And when I met him, people were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re going to be with a white boy!’”

But you know, it’s funny, a lot of African-American girls already, as a black people, we feel we’re being oppressed – which we are, we’re not equal yet by any means – so by them being a darker skin, they feel like, ‘Oh my God, it’s even worse for me. And we have a dark-skinned daughter [Ta’kari from Jackie’s previous relationship] that’s a little older and she fights with that self-esteem issue a lot, too. And she’s very pretty, but she still feels like, ‘Why did I have to be born dark?’ I tell her, ‘You’re beautiful. You have caramel skin, you know it’s a darker tone, and it’s gorgeous. You can wear whites, and baby blues, and lime greens, and it looks stunning. So don’t worry about that.’


I have a lot to say in regard to this. First, I wonder why Jackie made it a point to say that people made fun of.with her by stating  ‘Oh my God, you’re going to be with a white boy!’” ; When (if I’m not mistaken) one of her 1st   2 husbands was white)

While I have issues with her daughter Takari blaming ALL of her issues on her  mom instead of whomever she fkd and made babies with,Jackie seems to careless about Takari’s feelings, but can kiss the ground that Chanti and Dougie (her children by Doug) walk on.

At one point  Takari stated that her mom is a bully and petrifies all of her family members that depend on her for support, live in her houses etc. I assume its funny watching that same person being dogged on national TV.

  1. TiaP says:

    In my family there is a division between color. Light girls are called pretty and us darkies got mad fun of. Because my skin is do dark o got made gun of alot by everyone. It hurts. You do look st lighter skin and wonder why not me. How could i not. How many dark skin Beyonce’s do you see making it. None! I dont see Jackie being the way my family members are. Her daughter needs to take responsibility for her on life and stop goinh in on her mother on the internet. Shame on Tkari. She wouldnt. Like it if her kids did it. And if she and other family membets are living in homes owned by the Christie’s, thsn the situation must not be that bad. HOLLA

    • Sarah Talks says:

      So what do you think now that her light skinned daughter, Chantel basically confirmed everything about Jackie as being true. Making her 12 year old run on a treadmill while the 8 year old timed it?

      You still think Takari is responsible for her own insecurities? Or were the seeds planted by her psychotic mother? I think it’s the latter. Jackie is pathological and that makes her dangerous.

  2. Lilian says:

    In my family dark skin was praised. I’m the darkest of all my sisters and was always told I was literally one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Strangers always stopped me and my mom just to tell her how pretty I was…. black people have insecurities with being black so of course some kids may have made fun of my skin tone here and there, but I always knew I was prettier than the average person, lol, idk why put I did. i knew I was prettier than every light skin girl at my schools, lol, not too be conceited or anything, but the outside world constantly confirmed that by constantly saying how pretty I was…. I’m saying that to say I’m darkskin (dark brown chocolate), and I have always had a lot of confidence and high self esteem… maybe even too high in certain people’s eyes as I was sometimes called stuck-up or high-sedditiy, lol by people before they met me then they would comment on “how cool I was”, etc after they met me. So I wasn’t a mean pretty girl, I was a nice one 🙂

    All of that said, I know that my mom constantly commenting on how pretty I was and always saying I was beautiful probably had something to do with my confidence in me as a person especially as it pertains to the color of my skin. My mom loved my skin color (she’s light skin, like a light caramel), my other sisters are brown sugary toned and one is light skin, she always told us all we were beautiful. Parents have a HUGE ROLE in how a child perceives themselves…. if my mom was like Jackie or someone of these other self hating blacks I could have just as easily been another black girl with low self-esteem, but luckily I wasn’t because my mom was better than that. I was showed so much love, and honestly I might have even been a little favored… Honestly, being both “pretty and darkskin” was seemly so rare to people that I was always put on a pedestal of some sort and all the light skin girls wanted to be my friend and all the boys has crushes on me…

    I mean its sad when I hear about a child being picked on for their skin tone, whether its too light or too dark, because the very light skin kids got picked on just as often as the very dark skin ones… people calling them white/light bright, pasty, pale, etc…. but its definitely worse when its to dark or brown skin kids because of the long history and struggle blacks have had over the past century or so..

    Jackie is colorstruck and has a color issue. If she didn’t she would have NEVER brought up her child’s skin tone in an article, I mean, wtf who does that? By her bringing it up and talking about it shows that there is truth in what her daughters are saying and that jackie has a problem with her child’s skin tone which is sad, very very sad. “The dark one” really? really????! I mean what parent refers to her child as that… idk, just the way she says seems shady. She was clearly a mostly bad mother… she did good by keeping a roof over their head and keeping them fed, but honestly thats the LEAST you can do when you have children… that’s what you’re supposed to do! Jackie seemed to have only done the bare minimum. She didn’t love nurture and teach them so that they could be self-sufficient adults, with confidence and esteem.

    I feel bad for her children and my prayers go out to them, especially to Takari. And the funny thing is that Takari looks just like Jackie…. Jackie how can you have an issue with your own seed?!

    • celebamnesia says:

      Yes parents play a bigger role than the public does when it comes to our securities or insecurities. I think what they instill in us determines what we accept or negate. Takari and Chani look alike to me, just different shades of brown. Being lighter doesn’t seem to have made life any easier for Jackie (case and point, the way she’s dogged on the show). Then again, all of that’s a reaction to her inner crazy! The same with Laura. I know they are multi-racial but the same thing still applies. I don’t care how much plastic surgery she has; As long as she appears evil inside , the outside exudes the same!

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said

    • Anonymous says:

      LENGTHY But true. Insecurities are learned. Jackie Christie is not all there in tha head clearly…just by her word and actiobs shes short bus special! PrAys b with her!

  3. Yolanda says:

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. And while I recognize that some people are just mentally weak and incapable of ushering themselves foward and onward, I also know that at some point in one’s life self respect and dignityy have to be key. Even if her mother didn’t respect her, compliment her beauty and raise her, she is still the woman she is right now because of the choices she made. I feel sad for her but not sorry. She has decided to let it break her instead of make her. She is 22, with 2 children (by 2 different men, apparently) out of wedlock and no career. Her mother didn’t do that, that’s all on her.

    • celebamnesia says:

      You preached a sermon ! I feel sorry for what she encountered and yes we do have to be accountable for our own actions after a certain point! I guess your mother or ” parents” is/are the people that you would look to for that initial strength or to tell you “yes you can”. In one article that I read she said that she had kids, so that they could give her the love that she didn’t get from her mother” I think that it was more like her searching for the comfort/love from a man .

  4. People are crazy!!! I’m a darkie and I love it, my mother is creole and my father is North African and I’m one of the darkest members in my family. Yes they made a difference but I did realize that I was one of the prettiest members in my family even thou they tried to play me as the dark ugly girl. As Black people we are our own worst enemy and its that slave “color struck” mentality that keeps us creating division between our own race. If people wouldn’t idolize lightskined as better then we wouldn’t have all these issues. Its SICKENING black is beautiful regardless of what shade it is.

    • celebamnesia says:

      I totally agree with your comment regarding – we are our own worst enemy and its that slave “color struck” mentality that keeps us creating division between our own race, When no one else seems to be paying attention as to our shade of brown, we are. The fact that some people feel that a lighter or darker shade is better or worse tends to create just as much division as racial profiling or prejudice. Beauty comes from within. Just as sure as you are Light or Dark skinned; If you are beautiful on the inside you are a Black Beauty!

  5. uhurt2 says:

    American has blinded us into thinking ur skin tone make a different in which direction u go in life…i am fair skin and let me tell you i haven’t been in a real relationship in yrs…When a person loves you they love you from the inside out even if u look different in the outside…In my family everyone is a difference shade and size…MY MOTHER STILL HAD UNCONDITIONAL Love for all her children…Jackie was not a good mother,period…If her daughter was overweight then teach her how to balance and eat healther to help her self esteem not bully her!

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