The Houston’s On Our Own Season 1 Episodes 4 and 5 Full Episode

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Reality Show, Reality TV, Whitney Houston
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Episode 5 Too Little Too Late

Nick and Krissy stay at home while Pat takes the rest of the family to LA for BET’s tribute.

Episode 4 Moving Pieces

Nick and Pat try to get Krissy from thinking about her mom by taking her to adopt a puppy and to buy some furniture. Also: Pat challenges Gary to a game of basketball to see who is in better shape.

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  1. Tyronicia Miller says:

    I like watching the show unfortunately for me I won’t be for long. I can understand that Kristina lost her. mom because I lost mines 1 month later.Its very hard Im 41 years old a piece of me has gone as well my life has been moving in slow motion ever since.The one thing that brings me back from crying all the time or wantin to drink is me remembering who jesus is and I still cry becauseI know that he is in my presence at that time. I don’t like that Kristina is revolving her entire life around nick and it pisses me off that she uses the death of Whitney as and excuse just to hold on to nick. Then I am confused about her on again brother and off again boyfriend. Dam! REALLY!. I hope this is scripted because it’snot a good have a father that wants to see you and be in your life and you are totally being a bitch! We all know where that came from you don’t have nothing about you that say WHITNEY! You act alot like Bobby. Get over the fact that Bobby has a wife and he has moved on with his life and he would like for you to be apart of it you won’t give him a chance he dosent owe you anything he has always been there no matter what he has done or been through.the man I called my father loved me the real father over looked should embrass him every chance you get instead of holding on to all that anger you dont know how long he will be is good especially when your young these are the times you live the most make good memories and boss decisions.take care of yourself Kristina your mother was good at that she didnt need no man for that!she loved the hell out your father!she was happy with her choice she made.Good luck to you young has to move on take it day by day and talk with Jesus if your heart is true and open he will listen feel with your heart.

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