KMichelle Goes Off At Her Concert on A “Ratchet” Fan For Negative Tweets!

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Kmichelle, LHHA, Video, You Tube
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When Twitter Fails?

KMichelle went in on some dude that posted negative tweets about her while he sat in attendance at one of her concerts. She went in on him as only KMichelle (and a few other reality stars with loose screws that put business to the side and deal with personal issues, despite how it may effect their freedom or money) would do.


While reading the offending Tweets on her phone K told the crowd,
“Listen up. It’s a motha f–kin’ ratchet queen in here talking s–t to me on Twitter.”

Click below for video

“I’ll snatch off my heels and take off my lacefront and whoop yo’ azz. So, if you gonna talk s–t with that wack a– side cut you got going on, you come down in my face.”
“I don’t play that bulls–t. I super don’t play that bulls–t. So wherever your punk azz is in the corner, bring your azz out here. I don’t do that, okay. I continue to have fun with everybody I love, but I don’t f–k with ratchet queens.”


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