Elmo No Longer Resides On Sesame Street

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Court, Elmo, lies, Sesame Street
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Elmo’s last stretch on Sesame Street (the voice of Kevin Clash) seems to have ended like a tennis match. First he was guilty, then he wasn’t, then he was and NOW he’s no longer a resident.

A little over a week ago it was announced that the voice (known as Elmo) had taken a leave of absence after allegations emerged against him for having sex with an underage boy 7 years ago.

His accuser, later identified as 23 years old Sheldon Stephens later recanted his story and said that what he engaged in was an “adult consensual relationship”. After being labeled as money-hungry intentionally misleading Stephens announced that he was paid $125, 000 to withdraw his statement and forced to sign an agreement and that he sticks with his initial story regarding being underage.

Just as Clash decided to return to his humble abode (Sesame Street), another man came forward, stating that he experienced the same situation described by the first accuser ( regarding an underage affair. ) After his story was publicized, he recanted and stated that it was not an actual “sexual affair

TMZ posted video of what his latest accuser had to say.

Cecil Singleton stated that he and Kevin Clash had a groping/dry humping relationship that lasted approximately 2 weeks (while he was underage) but that they had sex later, after he’d reached adulthood.

After the latest accuser came forward Clash’s resignation from Sesame Street was announced. There’s no word on if a new voice for Elmo will be hired or if his character will be retired. Also no word on if  Clash was forced to resign ,  if his resignation was a sign of guilt or if he just think that his name (and the children character’s name) has just been dragged through the mud too much.

I don’t know what admissions were a result of reality or a ploy for financial gain. However, both cases should probably be investigated further even though their statements were recanted. If there’s truth to their initial stories then their may be more people that were victimized. At this point both statements are considered “allegations”.


Source: TMZ

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