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A teen parent from one , of MTV’s popular and highly protested shows appeared on a special with Dr Drew.

While the final season for the other moms that initially joined the cast with her were chronicled in their hometowns and showing what they have achieved and how far they have come; Amber’s interview took place in a prison. After advising a judge that she would prefer completing her 30-60 days outpatient rehab and 2 year probation in jail, he sentenced her to more than she was initially sentenced to, 5 years in prison. during here court visits leading up to Amber’s unfortunate situation, it was revealed in court that the girls for Season 1 of 16 and Pregnant made over 400k per season ( 800k a year). They were made to look as though they had money troubles, etc on camera but we would later find out that they all drove nice cars, some have nannies and even owned their own homes. Well this isn’t a fairytale that Amber is living. Peep the video below.