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30 years old Kenyatta Lynn Johnson admits that she is addicted to a*s shots. She went from this flat a$# on this Hooter’s pics to this monstrosity of a backside photo’d below.

 I don’t mean having pics of her buttocks taken, although I found that to be true while researching her back story. lol. Anyways, Kenyatta also known as Vanity Wonder wanted to be curvier and decided to get

 illegal black market injections to the tune of $500 in a Detroit hotel. In an interview with Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander, Johnson explained the disadvantages of having received 120 shots in her behind. She explained how her butt cheeks would sometimes go numb and has also contracted an infection as a result of one of her procedures. Johnson says that she is happy with her 45 inch wide behind and has faced many mean spirited strangers with a tirade of negative spews intended to insult her because of her fake cheeks.

Johnson appears to be proud and comfortable with the way that she looks. Her pursuit for a stripper’s ass inspired her to write a book called “Shot Girls” and it appears as though she may be somehow connected to the porn industry.If you want more information in regard to that, try goggling her.In the meantime, if you missed the IE interview, peep the homemade video of the interview. Courtesy of WSHH.

Did I mention that she is only 4’11? Honey that hump that she will have in her back by the time she turns 40 will earn her yet another nickname: Quasimodo.

Patricia Krentcil, a 44 year old former Chicago resident and mother is facing charges for child endangerment after her daughter told the school nurse “I go tanning with Mommy.” The daughter reported to the school clinic after complaining about a sunburn.

The family currently resides in New Jersey but there are reports of the mom being arrested in the 90′s for crimes that include but aren’t limited to biting a cab driver. WTH ? Anyways, the mom denies that she took her daughter tanning and also denies that she (herself) is addicted to tanning! Forget the fact that she looks like she has been dipped in S&*t! Picture of mom and daughter below.