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This Mutha needs his own reality show!  30 kids by 11 women? OK!
Meet Desmond Hatchett, a 33 year old Tennessee man with 30 “churrens” from 11 different women (WTH). He recently appeared in court and asked that the state help support his 30 children. Hatchett has a job, but by the time 50% of his earnings are split amongst all of children they receive a whooping $1.49 a month He’s paid minimum wage.
Desmond explains how he ended up fathering so many kids. He says that he had 4 kids in the same year , TWICE. The oldest child is 14 years old. 

 Super Sperm appeared in court in 2009 for a child support hearing, at that time he only had 21 kids. Within 3 years he has managed to squeeze out 9 more.

The LA Times credits Hatchett  for breaking a record in Knox county by leading the county in the reproduction of human beings. 
Until now, I thought NFL player Antonio Cromartie held the “stick and move award” but thanks to Hatchett, Cromartie has met his match. 
This constant reproducing mutha hasn’t broken any laws so there’s nothing that the courts can do in the way of prohibiting him from making more babies.  Honestly I think that that they should order that he be SPAYED OR NEUTERED.