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When Twitter Fails?

KMichelle went in on some dude that posted negative tweets about her while he sat in attendance at one of her concerts. She went in on him as only KMichelle (and a few other reality stars with loose screws that put business to the side and deal with personal issues, despite how it may effect their freedom or money) would do.


While reading the offending Tweets on her phone K told the crowd,
“Listen up. It’s a motha f–kin’ ratchet queen in here talking s–t to me on Twitter.”

Click below for video


After Love and Hip Hop Reunion2 the live after show gave fans a chance to talk with a few of their favorite co stars. Scrappy Baby’s moms (in my Benzino voice) with the ring, Erica appears. As well as Funky Dineva. Momma D, and Scrappy. I’m’ sorry but the way that Mona handled Shay during the reunion and she obliged; I think this is clearly a set up for LHHATL2. I don’t believe that there will a wedding, that engagement was strictly for ratings, and next season Scrappy will be creeping with Shay pr someone else! But now that we have that out of the way, click on the continue reading or more button to watch the after show Full Episode. Listen to Scrappy explain how he is slowly but surely getting his bills out of Shay’s name.

After Love and Hop Hip Reunion Part 1 VH1 held a live chat session with part of the cast. Fans asked questions via web cam and chatted woth MiMi, Joseline and Stevie J. Funky Dineva popped in and asked questions a few times. Joseline was in defense mode, she attacked Funky D as soon as he appeared and before he could insult her. Click below and watch, in case you mmissed it.


UPDATE Monday August 27, 2012: Based on VH1’s promotion for tonight’s LHHATL Reunion    Part 1, the cast will assemble on stage as a group to answer questions, cry and possibly fight (if the rumors are valid). Thanks Mona!!

As much as I loved the Atlanta franchise of Love and Hip Hop, I am tired of the writers cast creating relationships that are so volatile that the producers refuse to take a chance on the entire cast appearing together on stage for a reunion. So because KMichelle may try to shake Rasheeda or Karlie Redd, Joseline may try to MANandle, MiMI and Scrappy might put his paws on Stevie J we are forced to watch one on one interviews, ( that aint no reunion)