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Florida courts released documents related to 17 year, Trayvon Martin’s case. The teen who was murdered earlier this yea and were  inadvertently released. These documents included photo’s of the teen’s dead body and George Zimmerman’s college transcripts. The media had access to all of the documents that were released. However, the Judge immediately ordered that no posthumous pics of the teen be released and passed the same ruling on the release of Zimmerman’s transcript. The defense argued that the fact that Zimmerman partook in “Criminal Justice” and earned a “D” would lead some to assume that he has more knowledge of the legal system than the average Joe. More below + grainy death photo


After a hearing held before a Sanford, Florida judge, George Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked. He is ordered to turn himself in within 48 hours. Angela Corey requested that the bond be revoked after realizing that his wife lied and Zimmerman sat back and allowed his attorney to make certain representation on his behalf that he knew was untrue. Zimmerman had a 2nd passport in his possession and intercepted phone calls revealed that he and his wife spoke in code and discussed ways to intentionally mislead the judge and prosecution. He and his wife discussed monies that they raised but had no intention to make the courts aware of their true financial status.

George Zimmerman’s My Space account was made avaialable and it contains remarks that could be considered racist as well as comments that include him bragging about felony charges being dropped to misdeamnors. He made emarks in regard to Mexicans etc.

For example:

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George Zimmerman and his wife took shooting classes and were licensed to carry a gun after numerous run ins with a neighborhood pit bull.  The Zimmerman’s reportedly had three separate run ins with a neighbor hood pit named Big Boi.  After 3 separate encounters, Zimmerman claims that an officer advised him that he should purchase a pistol instead of pepper spray, which Zimmerman armed himself with prior to purchasing the gun in 2009. READ THE COMPLETE STORY BELOW

Brandy Green and her 14 year old son are interviewed . Brandy’s son Chad talks about Trayvon’s thoughtful ways and the Skittles that he purchased for him on  the day that he was killed. Many people confuse Brandy (Tracy Martin’s fiance) with Alicia Martin (Tracy’s Ex Wife). It was Brandy’s neighborhood where Trayvon was killed (VIDEO BELOW)