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Raymmond vs Raymond

After months of threatening to evict his ex-wife from the mansion that she has called home since their 2009 divorce, Usher moves to have Tameka forced out.

The nearly 13k square foot mansion was listed for sale last week. The asking price ? $3 million dollars. The house includes 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool, an inside gym, 4 fireplaces and a library.

Its to my understanding that Tameka pitched an idea for a reality show to the OWN Network and was turned down. This was before the custody trail, Oprah interview with Usher, ETC. I was also advised that she asked for the chance to defend herself after the Oprah interview and was again , turned down. I remember Usher’s mom refusing to attend his wedding but Oprah was happy to attend.

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Kyle Glover,(Photoed in the Center)

My heart goes out to Tameka Foster-Glover (Usher’s Ex Wife) and Raymond Glover as, its being reported that their 11 year old son, who was critically injured during a family outing has succumbed to his injuries. (more…)

So Usher and Tameka are still facing off in court as Tameka is demanding more money for child support and Usher is fighting for joint custody of their 2 sons. The allegations that have been made against Usher during the trial have been enough to bring the singer to tears.

However, although Usher is no angel , Tameka’s halo is tilted after Usher testified that Tameka spit on Usher’s mistress/girlfriend Grace Miguel and threatened to beat her down. Usher described the exchange that his ex wife had with his girlfriend in open  court. Usher said that Tameka was enraged when he showed up at her home with his girlfriend in tow.The former Mrs. Raymond spewed threats and spit on  the woman,and threw a plate a food at Usher. According to Usher, Tameka warned Grace; “I’m gonna kick your As$  B-tch$ get out the car.

Usher knows that Tameka is a woman scorned. He should have avoided allowing the 2 women to cross paths until his ex was able to accept the fact that he no longer wanted to be with her. I cant say that I wouldn’t have reacted the same way if I were Tameka.

What would you have done?

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